Kids Kung Fu

Our kids Kung Fu classes, through a system of positive reinforcement, focus on the development of self defense skills practical for young children. The core art is Kajukenbo, with students also receiving instruction in other, related, arts including Hsing-I, Escrima, and Shaolin long fist, as well as in the safe and proper use of various traditional weapons.

In addition to the acquisition of self defense skills, training in these arts contributes to the development of confidence, self discipline, self esteem and respect in the practitioner; qualities which are essential to, but also transcend the martial. We consider these to be every bit as important, and in many ways more so, than martial skill. In fact, we believe that, truly, it is not possible to have one without the other. This is reflected in the creed recited, at the beginning and end of every class (by both children and adults): be honest, be humble, respect self and others, practice diligently, seek perfection of character.

With the emphasis always on safety the student learns fundamental falls and tumbling skills, the correct way to fall, as well as the proper ways of delivering kicks and punches. The above being the case, there is an emphasis as well on physical conditioning, in particular stretching exercises which enhance not only the student’s ability to apply the appropriate techniques, but also greatly reduce the risk of injury. In addition the student learns a system of dynamic footwork which not only contributes to the development of martial skill, but also to the development of agility and grace. Also available are specific hand drills, and a graduated set of two-person and weapons forms which provide a safe and methodical method of training real martial skills.