The Kajukenbo system of self defense was created nearly sixty years ago at the Palamas Settlement on Oahu, Hawaii when it’s founders, representing a variety of martial arts, came together to train and to learn from one another. Calling themselves "The Black Belt Society", their goal was to combine the most practical aspects of their respective arts, and create a system that would be effective on the street.

These individuals and their respective arts include: Peter Choo (Korean Tang Soo Do Karate); Frank Ordonez (Judo); Joe Holck (Jujitsu); Adriano Emperado (Kenpo); and Clarence Chang (Chinese Boxing/Chu’an FA Kung-Fu). Other major influences include Western Boxing and Escrima. Kenpo, represented by Sijo Emperado, became the core of this new system.

Consistent with the intentions of it’s founders Kajukenbo is a street based, technique driven system which incorporates locks, strikes, throws, kicks and utilizes every part of the body as a weapon. Intense and reality based, the system quickly develops a unique fighting spirit and real self-defense skills.